Sunday, October 26, 2008

Minuteman Bikeway

Today I rode the Minuteman Bikeway, beginning at its point of intersection with Mass. Ave. and continuing on through to its ending point at Depot Park, Bedford. I nearly suffocated my current young cube within the depths of my backpack. Just before I rode out of our brick girded parking lot though, I thought better of tucking the cube into my bag like an in-animate object. Instead, I strapped him into the elastic webbing of my pack. My ride is better when I know the cube is getting fresh air and is able to enjoy the scenery. Would you blindfold your child and put it into the trunk? No. You would let him or her have the window down and encourage said child to engage with the countryside passing by. Thus is my attitude toward traveling with a cube on board.

The ride was delightful. From seeing kids learning to ride, to smelling that beautiful scent of wet autumn, the path proved a bumpy yet still enjoyable sampling of Northern Massachusetts.

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Erik said...

I like all these photos of the cube you have. It reminds me of the garden gnome that travels around the world, sending back photo postcards at each point.