Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Split/ Signal

Yup, this is back-dated a bit. This concert, "Split/Signal," happened on May 30th at the Somerville Center for Arts at the Armory. For those who went, you know how excellent the combination of people-watching, plentiful beer, heart-gasping music, and visually exquisite video was. For those who didn't attend, check out the Music/Film list below.

Youtube Homework for You:

Mike Dunkley & Todd Brozman - Jon Cianfrani
Black Yodel - Micahel Maraden
Arms & Slepers - Dado ramadani
Devil Music - Barrett Films
Caspian - Bryan Deblasio
Roger Miller - Handcranked Productions
Cul De Sac - vj dziga
The Books - Rich Remsberg

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