Thursday, January 28, 2010

How I Care: Museums

What I Learned on My Last Trip to a Museum

This list was realized after seeing a piece of work by Paul Laffoley at the DeCordova Biennial. His work was not wholly appealing to me, yet I wrote down some notes about my response regardless of not wanting to emulate various qualities I saw (ex: what seemed like an uneccessary profusion of extra inked-in textures that obscure what is a neat symbol idea, yet without aesthetics that made me want to actually spend time with the work). I wrote down four categories that have since been turned into the list below.

What I pay attention to (Re: How I Care)

My Reactions
1) Work that I think is good/ re-act to positively.
2) Work that I don’t think is good/ re-act to negatively
(as opposed to work that doesn’t grab me enough to put in either category)

1) Work that relates to art historical contexts I know and/ or care about.
2) Work that relates to other artists’ work I know and/or care about.

As a note regarding the title: "How I Care" : a fellow Lewitt intern presented this idea to me after I corrected her perceptin of my attention to a detail ... she smoothed the imaginary blank page before her, and said something to the effect of, "The Way I Care: The Julia Wagner Story." Heh. Thanks, Georgia. Stay tuned for more, "How I Care," headings.

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