Sunday, March 7, 2010


First set of five pictures from this weekend's trip to NYC.
Captions below each photo.

Of note: this street seller was not only offering books and furniture for sale, he was also singing bits of musicals and operas at interested customers.
(7th & 28th)

Another twin set in NYC; this surprised me for some yet un-clear reason.

Two guys utilizing teamwork and doing a great job of holding up the truck's cab.

Ironically, I saw a rat dart out from under the door this sign appeared on, and then right back a moment later. Clearly no one had informed HIM. Nor was the rodenticide effective. Perhaps plugging the rat-sized hole in the door have have helped isolate the situation ...
(West 4 Station)

Hey there Mista' Buildin', what's cookin'?
A reference to the Bobby Valentino R&B group?

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