Sunday, April 11, 2010

Victory: Dinner

Tonight's one-bowl meal was composed, COMPOSED, of the following five ingredients:

1 block of frozen, shredded spinach.
1/2 can of black-eyed beans
1/2 can of roman beans
6 diced maple sausages
frozen, cut green beans (enough to balance out the spinach)

Defrost how you will the frozen items, add in the beans, heat till it sort of gloms together (thanks, spinach!) and till the remaining liquid has been steamed off. While this is happening, add the following seasonings:

ground black pepper (typical table will do)
jamaican jerk seasoning
a drizzle of maple syrup

Done. Healthy. Delicious. Tomorrow I will add wheat noodles for the extra carb benefit. I might also add cinnamon (a surprisingly tasty addition to beans with veggies).

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