Monday, September 20, 2010

Sand Sculpture at the DeCordova.

Team Grady created this copy of Sol Lewitt's "Tower DC" - one of my favorites from this past January (see my January 23rd posting for photos).

Here below the mini-DC appears again, this time with one of many pretty ecstatic kids present at the Family SculptureFest.

Off to the left of that photo you will see a little cluster of blocks with letters on them. That was mine! The sculpture team allowed passers-by to come and carve on blocks of formed sand. So, given a cylinder of NH sand, I began with a cube on top and let the others surface as necessary. For tools, I mostly used one, small palette knife. The two pictures below are the best shots of the surfaces, letters, and cradling hand beneath. The letters spell out FRÖBEL K (see this wiki for the significance). Looking at the photos, I wish I had asked to borrow the spray-bottle - the dry weather was great for the festival, but desiccating for the sand.

Thanks to the DeCordova for facilitating such a great Sunday.

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