Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art Forum: Recent Names that Caught my Eye

While looking at a recent Art Forum, I googled up the names of artists whose work caught my eye. This post is mostly a note for myself to remember what I've seen. Please comment if any of these artists also caught, or catch, your eye.


Oscar Tuazon
for his work, "The Trees."

His poured-concrete structures reminded me of Donald Judd's outside work at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas.

Amalia Pica for her work, "Strangers."

Her flags being held reminded me both of Julie Mehretu's drawings and of race-track flags. The action of strangers holding bunting also reminded me of volunteering for running events - a few years ago I held a mile-marker with a complete stranger for six hours while Boston Marathon runners raced by.

I'm now reading a review of her work; the author defines Pica's work as exploring nostalgia, political action, and Argentinean schooling. Pica's work with bunting does evoke nostalgia for me, though in my personal context of sporting references rather than her context of personal and national history.

NB - semaphore, bunting, flags, venn diagrams

Alina Szapocznikow for her sculptures featured at the Wiels Art Center.

Yu Hong for her work, "Golden Horizon." Her work "Spring Romance" was also featured in the Fresh Ink exhibition at the MFA Boston.

Dana Schutz for her work both at the MFA in the new Contemporary Wing, as well as for the work in Art Forum.

Sarah Crowner - though I'm not sure why yet.

Andy Denzler for his paintings.

Marius Bercea for reminding me of both Michaƫl Borremans and Vernon Fischer.

Nicola Tyson for her figures.

Ceal Floyer for her snarky sculptures.

Matt Johnson for his sculptures at Blum & Poe.

Andrea Zittel, for, apparently, her lifestyle.

Nick Cave for his costumes/sculptures at Mary Boone Gallery.

Jean-Luc Mylayne for his photographs - especially those of birds in the Fort Davis, TX area. Dear Karin Stack, have you seen these?

Zhang Enli for his paintings. They are a little angstily seductive.

Carston Nicolai for his installations, especially for "pioneer i."


And one show I'd like to go to but will not be making a trip out to:

Out of the Box: Artists Play Chess

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Anonymous said...

Zhang Enli's paintings remind me of a modern-day Andrew Wyeth. I like them! Similar color palette, themes of loneliness and spaciousness, abandoned life.