Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Daily Adventure

Today, our Heroine ...

! was graciously bought an ill-deserved coffee & croissant by her patient student.

! tried to explain the words "romantic" and "assumes" in simple terms. The jury is still out regarding the degree of success which her piece-meal verbal stumblings earned her. She even tried to describe the fabrics of romance, but upon accidently implying that plaid was unromantic, realized that she thought plaid could be very romantic, and gave up. The reader is invited to describe what is romantic to him or her in this post's comment section.

! fixed a painting's form, built up the color, and then pared it all back down again. Progress? Maybe!

! advised MIT design students on the wonders of 3M adhesive products and on the ingenuity shown by German VIP Friedrich Froebel. The best and the brightest flattered our heroine by scribbling her words down in their moleskin notebooks. An Exciting Moment for All.

! hit a Boston pot-hole so hard that her chain fell off in the middle of the Mass Ave post-work rush. To her credit, she neither cursed nor swore. Amazing.

! correctly identified the three sounds owned by the suffix, "ed".

! smugly biked home in the rain wearing the waterproof pants she so-cleverly packed that morning in anticipation of the PM weather.

! arrived at Shaw's only to find that all three brand-brackets for ground cumin were empty. Is this a Sign of the Times? Or only of the Porter Square demographic? Quizzical. She will cook with spice another time ...

! was amazed at the deft backbagging abilities of the customer behind her. Not only was he smooth, he was done before she had even put ehr groceries into her own soggy pack. She accepted the Needs Improvement, remounted, and pedaled home.

! says in a weary but not unkind voice, "Look both Ways, Kid" to a twitchy young man who had darted in front of her tires on the dark, slick, four-lane road. Getting hit helps no one to the bar faster. A Lucky Miss for Both.

! our heroine goes home, cooks the broccoli, feeds the cat, and gets ready for a longer day tomorrow. Whew.

Stay Tuned for More Daily Adventures.

"Onward into the Mist!" - some prof. @ UMass.

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Julia Wagner said...

If it can't be concise, it might as well be entertaining.