Saturday, April 11, 2009

Garlic Sprout.

So, I decided to take pictures of the garlic rather than cutting it up.

I still needed to cook, though, and so here is what happened:

What you will need:

small non-stick pan
small pot
cooking spoon (I just a bamboo one!)
one small, white onion, chopped
half-a-brick of firm tofu, cubedheh
frozen, cut green beans (enough to balance out the red and satisfy the need for veggies)
one 12 oz can of chopped tomatoes
olive oil
hot pepper flakes
Italian seasoning

What you can do:

1) pour a small lake of olive oil onto the pan
2) add the tofu; turn the heat on to medium
3) let the tofu cook enough on each side so that it is brown and slightly crispy; add some Italian seasoning about half-way through the browning process.
4) when the tofu looks nearly finished, add the chopped onion; let it cook long enough to also brown a little; turn off heat.
5) heat the tomatoes, drain the tomatoes
6) add the green beans to the tomatoes, drain the whole mess before adding to ...
7) the onions and tofu! Add some more olive oil, salt and pepper, and hot flakes.
8) cook until warm ... drain excess olive oil off.
9) Viola. Hot partially fresh spring goodness in a bowl.

- Julia.

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