Sunday, May 17, 2009


Finally, I took a picture of the still un-fixed sign from the April 30th truck-to-bridge collision. The rumbling sound from the strike caused curious students and teachers to rush to the doors of the near-by Morse Public School. Not really knowing, or caring at first, I told an inquisitive aural spectator, "it must be thunder", only to realize minutes later that the sound was not just a truck under-calculating the school's loading bay.

How did this truck get there? Had the driver never been through Boston? Do the companies forwarn their drivers about roads they may not drive on? Is there a map out there with specific markings denoting roads that do not allow big trucks? It has to suck to drive through Boston with a big rig for the first time, although, considering the worth of the vehicle, driver, and cargo, one would hope that whoever the responsible parties are prepare adaquately for similar transits.

It could have been an honest mistake. Reading the signs, seeing a rotary up ahead, and thinking you might not make it beneath the bridge ahead while trying to figure out the next road to take is a lot to handle at one time. This occurance definitely is another good reminder to me for always checking the map.

See a brief article about the crash at

(the sign has now been fixed - they finished it sometime around the 13th or 14th ...)

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