Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cambridge Cleaned.

This past weekend I participated in the first annual Cambridge initiative, Clean Cambridge, to de-trash the area. Clean Cambridge provided the trash bags, recycling bags, gloves, and enabling/ commemorative t-shirt ... and us volunteers provided the scrutinizing eyes followed with collecting hands. The event lasted two days. On Saturday, I collected items along the Charles from along the park and banks nearest the Weeks Foot Bridge. On Sunday, I joined a larger team in Central to clean up one of my favorite places in Boston.

Here are a few photos of less-trashy objects I found:

(mystery seed-pod ... at first I thought it was some kind of toy weapon component

(mystery seed-pod to scale ... had a lot of trouble shooting these in-focus)

(little plastic soldier guy ... reminded me of the tin soldier story)

(pretty ... and yes, sharpened in iPhoto)

(quite a few that got away)

There was this HUGE splash at one point which nearly startles me into the river. Of course, I didn't see the fish, but I bet it was the Grandaddy of all Charles bass. Honest.

Also, along the shore, the waves rolling broken glass around on the river stones made an incredible bell-like tinkling sound. I always die a little inside when something indicative of a negative result creates an interestingly appealing result. That said, the sound was a little like fairies. Yup, I went there. Fairies. Deal.

Happy spring.

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